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47 Questions For Mueller

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

At this point we have only the Attorney General's Summary of the Mueller Report. We should see the whole report to have greater clarity. These are some questions for Mueller and every member of his team congress should ask. After all, we only know what William Barr has said about the report. As with any question and answer session there should be follow ups.

1. Do you disagree with any of William Barr’s summary to your report? If so how?

2. What did the counterintelligence investigation into Donald Trump reveal and is there a report for it? If so what’s in it? If not, then why not?

3. What investigations did you refer out to other prosecutors and why? Did you refer investigations to state and local prosecutors? What about prosecutors in foreign countries?

4. Who did you decline to prosecute and why?

5. With the understanding that many targets thought that they would be pardoned, why did you refuse to lead in with state and local prosecutions so that targets wouldn’t have the option of being pardoned?

6. What attempts were made by Russians to link with the Trump campaign and vice versa?

7. Why do you think Paul Manafort refused to cooperate?

8. Donald Trump refuses or delays firing people with laundry lists of negative accusations (Steve Bannon, Rob Porter, Corey Lewandowski, Scott Pruitt, Michael Flynn, Felix Sater, Tom Price, Ben Carson, Ryan Zinke to name a few). Multiple sources claim that Manafort was merely fired over a, at the time, unverified handwritten ledger. Why do you think that this was the one scandal that immediately scared the Trumps into acting?

9. Please detail all interactions between Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Konstantin Kilimnik, and Oleg Deripaska and any of these four men’s affiliates.

10. Please detail your investigations into Oleg Deripaska, Dmitry Rybolovlev, Yuri Trutnev, Andrey Rozov, Victor Pinchuk, the Agalarov family, the Mammadov family, Carter Page, Felix Sater, George Nader, Elliot Broidy, Tom Barrack, Erik Prince, Eric Trump, Melania Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump?

11. Did you take any investigative steps regarding any current or former employee of the Trump Organization other than Michael Cohen, if so what were they and if not why not?

12. Did you investigate or is there an ongoing investigation into FL Group, the Miss Universe Pageant, the Trump Tower Moscow Deal, Trump Tower Baku, Deutsche Bank lending to Donald Trump, or Donald Trump’s 2008 real estate deal with Dmitry Rybolovlev?

13. Do you believe that Trump has ever laundered money, if so for whom and why?

14. Did you interview translators or receive notes from Trump and Putin’s secret meetings as President?

15. What did Donald Trump do to obstruct justice?

16. Do you believe that Donald Trump committed felonies related to Obstruction of Justice?

17. Why would Donald Trump attempt to obstruct justice? What do you believe he was trying to hide?

18. Donald Trump claimed that the investigation exonerated him, but still attacked the investigation after you submitted your report (He later backtracked on that.)? Why do you think he did that?

19. Why did you not interview Donald Trump or have him testify before a Grand Jury?

20. What questions did you ask Donald Trump to answer in writing, and what were his answers?

21. What investigations did you undertake into activities before or after the campaign itself?

22. Did you investigate links to Saudi, UAE, and Israeli entities, people, and affiliates and what did you find?

23. Did you investigate financial ties between Trump and his affiliates and Russia and their affiliates along with the three countries and their affiliates in the previous question?

24. Do you believe that Donald Trump or Jared Kushner or any of their affiliates has any illicit financial dealings with Qatar and their affiliates? Did you investigate Qatari links?

25. Did you investigate Trump’s possible ties to Iran or its affiliates?

26. Has there been any investigation into the ZTE deal?

27. What are the NRA’s and National Prayer Breakfast ties to Russians, Russian entities, and Russia itself?

28. Did anyone or any entity who was not allowed to participate in our political process make independent expenditures or get an organization to make them on their behalf? Did they work on a campaign or contribute to them?

29. Do you believe that Dana Rohrabacher or any other notable Republican including Donald Trump is a spy or agent of a foreign power or any of its affiliates? How about Non-Republicans?

30. Do you believe that Kevin McCarthy was right when he claimed that Putin pays Trump and Rohrabacher?

31. How did Donald Trump wind up quoting Russian news services during his campaign?

32. What did the Trump Server, Alfa Bank, and Spectrum Health communicate about?

33. There is a belief that Trump and his Trump Organization have deep relationships with Russian money. Do you believe that Jared Kushner and his Kushner Companies have a relationship with Russian money?

34. Why did Jared Kushner really want a secret communication backchannel to Russia? Why would Russia not find a way to convey this information between themselves in a way that US Intelligence couldn't detect? Could they have planted this to make our intelligence services think that they didn't already have secret communication methods?

35. Why was Rex Tillerson hired, and why was he fired? Did any of these events have connections to Russian, Saudi, Emirati, or Israeli interests?

36. Please provide us your insight and opinions of Donald Trump intercepted cell phone calls by foreign governments?

37. What sorts of tabs are being kept on Jared Kushner's dealings, actions, travels, and communications? Are they being investigated?

38. What’s up with Jerome Corsi stuff (saying that Mueller offered him a plea deal)?

39. Why didn’t you wait to see if Roger Stone would plead guilty and flip before ending your investigation?

40. Did you look through tax returns and other financial records in your investigation? Of who and why? For the people whom you didn’t take this step, why did you not?

41. Do you recommend that sanctions be applied to any individuals or entities? Who, what types of sanctions, and why?

42. What do you believe is the net worth of each of the members of the Trump, Kushner, and Putin families?

43. What is your opinion of Donald Trump, his family members, and associates?

44. Do you believe that collusion happened, and you just can’t prove it?

45. Do you believe that collusion happened or some type of illicit financial or other relationship before or after the campaign itself with either Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, or the UAE and any affiliates?

46. Did you find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails?

47. Did you see the pee pee tape? I’m talking about the R. Kelly one. It’s disgusting!

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