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Did Donald Trump And The Daily Mail Stage A Fake Lawsuit To Cover Up Melania's Sexual Past?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Was Melania Trump an escort and was a criminal conspiracy hatched to stop investigative reporting on her past during the 2016 election?

In order to understand why questions should be raised about Melania Trump’s background, one must travel back to 2004. They’d then have to look at the pasts of two totally unrelated people, John Kerry and George W. Bush. Both were running for president and Kerry had a good war record and Bush didn’t. When combined with Bush’s falling popularity, his campaign knew they were in trouble. They swiftboated Kerry, but still had a problem with investigative reporting about Bush’s war record. A mysterious batch of documents critical of his record were found and reported on by CBS News. The documents were believed to be forgeries on closer inspection by other news outlets. Although reporting about Bush’s war record did continue, a lot of wind was taken out of their sails. The source of the fake documents was never revealed, but the Bush Campaign certainly benefited.

Jump forward 12 years in time to 2016. Donald Trump is a major party nominee running on a get tough on illegal immigration platform. He and his family and associates are withering under scrutiny. His wife Melania Trump would by election day, have been proven to have committed visa fraud to work in this country illegally (for which she can still be deported today), lied about her educational achievement (possible perjury), and copied Michelle Obama’s speech. For a family as immune to shame as the Trump’s none of this mattered (except perhaps the immigration story if it had gathered too much steam, since immigration was a large part of the campaign). One thing the family does hate is being laughed at. If the world knew or even suspected that Donald Trump, the so called billionaire and alpha male had married a hooker, the fallout would’ve been enormous. From late night jokes to political attacks, the Trumps would’ve been brought low.

In the general public there was no discussion of Melania Trump being an actual prostitute (a gold digger maybe), but not an escort. Then a bombshell story in The Daily Mail accused her of supplementing her modeling income with escorting. The Trumps then sued and eventually the Daily Mail apologized, took the article down and paid a near record settlement.

Nearly every detail upon a closer look is a red flag. First, the company refused to fight the lawsuit, which many legal experts believed that they would win. The Trumps no longer sue media outlets (with this rare exception) because media outlets would love to question them under oath in depositions and report their answers. Second, they paid a near record amount to a woman to whom little to no financial damage occurred. (Damages in lawsuits are often calculated based on direct harm such as a physical injury or financial losses. Melania had neither injury nor financial losses, yet the Daily Mail settled for millions.) Third, they might not have paid any of the multi-million dollar settlement at all, since it included provisions like costs so that with creative accounting a single dollar might not have even changed hands and a fake large settlement could’ve been reached. They also settled with an obscure Maryland blogger whom they sued over the story. There is little information available about that settlement.

Such a scheme would normally seem to be a crackpot conspiracy theory, but let’s look at who was involved. Donald Trump has spent his whole life trying to cover things up and create fake media coverage. John Barron stories are just the surface. Fraud happens in most of his dealings. Then there’s the Daily Mail. They’re a highly conservative news outlet run by conservatives. Paul Dacre, their editor at the time was pro-Brexit and supported the ouster of their conservative prime minister for not being conservative enough. David Martosko their politics editor in the United States previously worked for the Daily Caller and a PR firm (Berman and Company) that created astroturfing groups for corporate clients. After the 2016 election he met with Trump to discuss the White House Press Secretary position, which he ultimately didn’t fill. The only thing missing from this possible collusion, are Russians lol.

Exactly who knew or did what is unknown, but a little bit of investigation might expose a plot to discourage investigations of Melania’s past. This plot itself may have involved criminal activity, both in America and in the United Kingdom where the lawsuit settlement occurred. A more disturbing question is whether the president and his family can be blackmailed by anyone who knows more about her past, and has anyone done so?

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