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Donald Trump Tweets Might Get Him The Death Penalty If Convicted For Them

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law... and so can anything you tweet.

We have two specific crimes that Donald Trump's tweets, when combined with other potential evidence could result in his indictment, trial, conviction, sentencing to death, and execution.

The first is espionage related to Chinese telecom firm ZTE. Donald Trump tweeted about how he wished to save ZTE and jobs in China. The problem is the fact that the intelligence community has publicly warned that China can use ZTE equipment for espionage purposes. Donald Trump is believed to have received funding for a business venture that he is involved with in exchange for lifting the ban on ZTE. This means that if Donald Trump did take a bribe to allow ZTE to continue operating in the United States, and if their technology is used for espionage purposes, then Donald Trump may have committed a capital crime.

The second case would hinge on the difference of treatment that disaster struck areas received under Donald Trump and his underlings.

Here's some fun tweets by Donald Trump on Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico. And here's the fact check of those tweets. There's more and even more. Let's see what he said about California. He tweeted attacks against Puerto Rico and California and he also openly declared that he would cut off California's wildfire relief funds. Compare this to Alabama tornadoes. A late Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico. Compare Puerto Rico to Texas during Hurricane Harvey. There are already accusations of political bias towards relief efforts. It also appears that if you include North Carolina disasters to have a racial component.

Criminal state and territorial laws may apply in California and Puerto Rico, which could include murder. But we will only discuss the federal capital crime here, although a direct deprivation of relief benefits is a non-capital crime (kind of like the tweet where he said he'd ordered FEMA to stop California disaster relief funding). Simply put, if Donald Trump used government power to stop or slow down disaster help that led to deaths, then he could receive the death penalty if convicted. Prosecutors would work to show that he acted maliciously because of either racism or retaliation for a perceived lack of political support. Trump's tweets when combined with the rest of the findings by a comprehensive investigation could lead to his prosecution here as well.

It's a bit funny that Russia isn't involved in either of these circumstances... unless lol.

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