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How Donald Trump Really Got Loans

Recently the New York Times published three articles on Donald Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank. Two things become readily apparent. Trump got loans through shady and illegal means. And Deutsche Bank and Trump were almost certainly laundering Russian money.

Bank CEOs don't go to have lunch with problem clients and tell the other bankers there that the client has little levels of debt unless they want to mysteriously keep lending to this problem client. Trump's loans weren't small but it's not like he was a Fortune 500 company. If he was on the CEO's radar he should've been a footnote. If moneyed Russian interests were doing a lot of business with the bank and wanted Trump to get loans, that's a different story.

The articles show how Trump received loans by non-Russian means as well. A forged credit officer signature and bribing banker staff with Mar A Lago visits. This with Trump is the tip of the iceberg. His father cosigned large loans for him early in his career. Then he got mortgages and somehow convinced banks to not record them.

The real secret of his present loans is Russian money. The real secret of his past loans in the 1980's was most likely a bribery scheme that worked something like this:

1. Trump finds crooked loan officers.

2. Trump goes to bank and applies for a loan with a crooked loan officer.

3. Trump is borrowing $100 million and offers the officer $1 million if the loan is approved.

4. The officer finds a way to approve it and secretly gets paid a bribe.

5. Trump gets a $100 million loan that he didn't qualify for and the banker secretly is $1 million richer (in 1980's money).

Back in those days without our electronic financial world it was harder to track financial flows so it would be easier to get away with this scheme so long as the banker and the borrower are on the same side. This is almost certainly what Donald Trump did in the 1980's to get vast amounts of loans.

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