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How Jeffrey Epstein Walks Free

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein has just been denied bail. He's currently facing a lifetime in prison if he's convicted of the sex crimes he's charged with. However, there are a handful of scenarios where he walks free before he dies:

1. He beats every charge against him in court. It's highly unlikely that judges will dismiss every potential charge or juries will acquit him at every potential trial. If he was released during that process he could flee the country or stay if he actually beat every potential charge. This is unlikely.

2. Trump pardons him and he flees immediately. This is also unlikely. Trump would face political backlash and state and local charges could be immediately filed. Some of these offenses are tied to the New York State sex offender registry and are completely separate from the federal justice system.

The next scenarios depend on what he has to cooperate with or hide and how that affects his treatment. He might not have that much on some very powerful people like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Even if he doesn't have physical evidence, a statement by him indicating misconduct on people's part could lead to severe consequences for them, or if he has photos of people with underage girls even if they are both fully clothed. He could even make things up if he wanted to and cause damage to people. He most likely has something, because he could've America after his plea deal, but chose not to. He could've been rearrested like he has been now for crimes that weren't covered by the plea deal. That means he probably has something to bargain with.

3. He can cooperate fully and get a lenient sentence, if he flips on everyone who he was involved with. This includes any staff that helped set up the sex ring and any powerful people who had sexual activities with the girls. It also would include revealing any knowledge of financial crimes that he knows from working in the financial industry. This is a likely scenario.

4. He could give lots of information and not implicate Trump if he has information on him. Trump and his cronies would therefore seek to give him a light sentence. This is also a likely scenario.

5. He can stay completely quiet like Paul Manafort and live in a comfortable federal minimum security prison. If another administration takes power he could be moved to a harsher facility. He won't walk in this scenario, but will have a comfortable life.

Because this is such a high profile case there will be lots of scrutiny making special deals harder to hide. He won't get the deal that he did last time. This is the most high profile case besides that of El Chapo, Bill Cosby, R Kelly, and Paul Manafort over the past few years. Only Manafort has received any special treatment, and he could lose that at any time. Jeffrey Epstein will have lot of things to consider in jail. Just don't be surprised if it's only temporary.

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