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How To Immediately Stop Trump And The Republicans Immigration Plans And Abolish ICE If You Want.

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Ok fine you have to wait until January 3rd, but it's close enough.

We've recently learned that Donald Trump's Bedminster, New Jersey golf course knowingly employed lots of illegal immigrants. We also knew that his modeling agency, did the same with foreign models and may have violated other labor laws as well. Oh, and his wife Melania is also an illegal immigrant.

This gives immigrants rights advocates and Democrats an opening. If they can move everything from the previous paragraph to the forefront of public perception, then they win. It's that simple. With well publicized investigations and hearings, they can bring the administration and its agenda (particularly in immigration matters) to their knees. Then they can replace it with their own. This can be done by using the power of the House of Representatives. After that, they can get federal, state, and local authorities in on the action with criminal and civil investigations.

Democrats now have the House of Representatives, which means that they hold both subpoena power and the ability to hold widely publicized hearings. There are currently 21 House committees. There are also nearly 100 subcommittees. As long as there are good public hearings and good investigations it doesn't exactly matter which committee(s) conduct them and subpoena all relevant records. In hearings they need to hit four things.

1. They will need to conduct hearing with relevant immigrants and other witnesses. These include models and workers at Bedminster. They need to establish for the public to see that these people worked as illegal immigrants and that Trump and his people knew this and helped them fool authorities into thinking that they could work legally. Furthermore, they should show how these people (especially the models) were ruthlessly exploited by Trump and his people. This conduct is detailed in the articles that were linked to at the beginning of this post.

2. Then they will need to conduct hearings with Trump business people and former business people. This includes the managers of the immigrant workers and models along with executives of the Trump Organization. This includes Donald Trump's children and possibly the President himself. Since this relates to the President in his personal business conduct, executive privilege doesn't apply. The committee should only seek to compel his testimony if they absolutely need to. He will watch how he and his people are getting savaged in the hearings and want to fight back so he'll go there and the Democrats can question him about this and his immigration policies under oath.

3. The next people to get are his wife Melania, her parents, and relevant witnesses. They will get crushed in hearings since the overwhelming evidence indicates that are here illegally. They don't have any good responses to that. It's over for them. Another nail in the coffin.

4. The icing on the cake is to get Trump administration officials and former officials in front of Congress. Show how Melania and her parents are here illegally to the Director Of ICE and ask so why haven't they been deported yet? Tick Tock Motherfucker let's go!!! Ask them to publicly commit under oath to do it. And if they don't then hound them on it. Why didn't they separate this family? She and Donald are still with their child Barron Trump. Drag in Steve Miller and the Secretary of Homeland Security. Drag in Jeff Sessions and whatever other clowns they have running the Justice Department. These are Federal and in some cases State crimes. Why aren't they taking action? Call in the Secret Service. Did they background check the workers at Bedminister? Why didn't they find anything? Or did they? Why didn't they report it? Bring in State and Local government people also to do the same sort of things. It doesn't matter if they're Democrats or Republicans we just need to keep up a full court press.

The easiest example of how to ask questions is to ask the Director of ICE how many workplace raids they've conducted in the past 2 years. Then ask "Were any of them Trump properties?" Then say "Well, why not?.. Since news reports have shown that it's full of illegal immigrants who were knowingly hired by management, why weren't there any raids and why weren't there any employment records confiscated? Are you trying to say that conservatives are above the law and are allowed to knowingly employ illegal immigrants and participate in the forgery of official employment documents? Why are we the American people held to a different standard? Why are you protecting these crooks?" Apply this type of aggressive questioning to everyone who goes in front of the committees and you are going to win.

There may already be other investigations. The House committees need to provide criminal and civil referrals to authorities at all levels of government to pursue this matter.

If you're saying this isn't enough, then don't worry we got you covered:

Bonus Round:

Mar-A-Lago and other Trump properties prefer not to hire Americans. They would rather use special visas to hire foreign workers. Legally before doing this they must place ads in newspapers seeking Americans. They require potential American workers to apply by fax and that fax number may not even be a real fax number. This looks like America Last!!!

Do you need more cowbell? More Republican immigration hypocrisy?

Double Bonus Round:

Republican Congressman Devin Nunes family hires illegal immigrants to work on their farms. Check out all their farms and put them through the ringer just like the Trumps.

Even if you don't call in the next 15 minutes will throw this one in free...

Triple Bonus Round:

Ask Melania some questions about her sex life. Like if she ever worked as a hooker? Did she have a work visa at the time?

Now that they've thoroughly crushed all of the conservative immigration hardliners, it's time to pass your solution. You do this by first figuring out exactly what your party wants. Immigration policy is complex and every part of the Democratic party might not be on the same page. Getting that plan put together is the MOST important step, since they need to stick together to see this through. (They should probably do this while the hearings and investigations go on.) Step two is pass it in the House and put pressure on the Senate (under Republican control) to pass it and the White House to sign it. Bear in mind that large parts of the Republican party are on your side for immigration. The Kochs and their network for instance support the liberal position on immigration. If pressure is placed on the Senate and White House by our own allies on the Republican side and by constantly pushing their hypocrisy in their faces, they will break, because they have 22 senators up for re-election in 2020. If they don't they'll be laughed at and all of their Democratic challengers should wipe the floor with them and crush them on their hypocrisy. Heads: you win on immigration. Tails: they lose all their fucking seats. My kind of coin.

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