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How You Immediately End A Government Shutdown.

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Donald Trump has just stated that the government shutdown could go on forever. All his boys in government just got pay raises.

A government budgetary dispute has become a labor dispute. How do you end a labor dispute? It's simple. You organize.

Despite the ability to form a union, it is illegal for federal workers to go on strike, and it is mostly illegal to picket. Furthermore, they have highly restricted collective bargaining rights.

There have been calls to openly break the law in a show of civil disobedience. Such calls are unnecessary, since we have all the leverage already. We can use it legally.

First understand that they can organize against things that aren't directly part of labor negotiations. That's incredibly powerful. The First Amendment gives them the right to organize and protest on any non-labor political issue... like a border wall. 380,000 federal workers are furloughed and applying for unemployment benefits. These workers are scattered throughout the country. They can stage protests in nearly every spot of the country. Since they no longer have jobs, they can protest full time. Furthermore, they can work with other groups to mobilize other protesters.

Trump alone decided to not give federal workers a raise and shut the government down. He's the enemy. There are two direct levers of power to crush Trump and his cronies. They include his bone spur infested Achilles heels of immigration and tax returns. These are his two great weaknesses. He has criminally hired illegal immigrants and he committed felony tax evasion in his returns.

Say things like "We've tried to look for another job, but Donald Trump has hired too many illegal immigrants, so we can't compete." Remember his weakest point is on immigration. It's not his strength at all.

In order to handle this, we're going to follow both of these two playbooks, with a few additions. People need to spread social media posts that highlight how Trump illegally hired the workers at his New Jersey golf course. Make that a key part of marches and rallies they take. Show that hypocrisy and demand an investigation. For the tax returns same thing, demand investigations on that. Anytime that the media wants to do a news report, make sure that it comes back to these two things.

Demand that Congress investigates this. Go to congressional offices in both parties and chambers. Print this article out and give it to them. If 20 people show up to each member's office they'll get the message. If 50 or 100 people show up then it's overkill and the shutdown is over.

What do we do if Republican senators who still control the senate start some shit? Easy. People then need to start asking questions about whether any of them have hired illegal immigrants or done anything else wrong. They will wilt under pressure.

The key takeaway here is that we're changing the framing. Currently the entire country sees the Trump and the Republicans as taking federal workers hostage for border security/wall. Depending on the political persuasion of a person they either agree or disagree. When you do it our way all the country will see is Donald Trump and the Republicans criminally hire illegal immigrants and they're behind the illegal immigration crisis. They will be on defense and conservatives at home who support the shutdown will be on defense and get made fun of by their liberal friends and family and their going to want it to end. Bottom line: the framing is we crush them and get these workers their paychecks back.


Also, if you're someone who is required to work and not get paid during the shutdown, here's an idea:


Seriously, as long as you don't do stupid shit like post stuff on social media they're not going to find you. After all there is no one home at the government to check on you. Think about it. If all the Secret Service agents who aren't getting paid to guard Trump and Pence and their families come down with the flu they might want to reopen the government. People call in sick all the time for no reason. That sniffle could be allergies, or it could be highly contagious. Obamacare is dead. It's time to take personal responsibility for your health. The TSA is responsible.

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