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Injustice For Sale: How Kamala Harris Let Her Donors Off The Hook

We've seen how Kamala Harris treats regular people in our previous article in this series.

Here's how she helped her donors. If you're a donor or potential donor who has done some sort of massive criminal or civil scheme you get off the hook and you get to keep most or all of the money. In most cases she would just drop the case.

A) Kamala Harris gave a sweetheart deal to Wall Street after the financial crisis. She gave Californians a triple whammy. 1. The banks actually paid a mere fraction of the amount stated. 2. Homeowners received very little of the settlement. and 3. Mortgages owned by pension funds that paid hard working retirees were modified so that the pension funds would have less money not the banks. Bonus round: NO BANKERS WENT TO JAIL!!! Wall Street likes her presidential campaign.

B) No Democratic corruption scandal would be complete without the Podestas right? Kamala Harris ordered the shutdown of an investigation into Herbalife, a nutrition company after San Diego prosecutors recommended a probe. Kamala Harris received a donation from their lobbyist, Heather Podesta right before that order. Other investigations by attorneys' general and the FBI continued. That's obstruction of justice right there. Furthermore, Kamala's husband worked at a law firm representing Herbalife yet Kamala didn't recuse herself.

C) The case of current Treasury Secretary's OneWest bank is most revealing. A lengthy office memo by the Consumer Law Section of Kamala's internal office called for a civil investigation of OneWest that could've ended in felony charges. Just like in the Herbalife case no action was taken. Her office had a strong hierarchy where cases had to go through her or her top deputies. She later received a donation from Mnuchin.

D) Trump University is her last, and considering the defendant most significant case. Kamala Harris went after some for profit colleges while ignoring Trump University. At the same time she received donations from Donald and Ivanka Trump. If she had criminally and civilly prosecuted the Trumps there would be no Trump presidency. She single handedly had the power to stop Donald Trump and she sold out for a few thousand dollars.

One could easily call her a donor whore except the consumers got fucked.

By the way she actually has received lucrative employment opportunities from people she has actually been fucking. Perhaps she sold her body too. She doesn't like it when others do that.

Kamala Harris had a unique ability as a prosecutor to shut down and settle cases and get campaign donations for them. These are just four prominently known cases. It's highly likely that many more haven't yet been publicly revealed in a high profile way. Also bear in mind the campaign donations were funneled to her personally, since she spent campaign donations on herself. So many of the donations were basically actual bribes. Think of it as the defendants writing checks for thousands of dollars directly to the prosecutor and having their cases dropped. A highly corrupt authoritarian is already in the White House. Do we really need another one?

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