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Kamala Harris Could Be Called A Slaver And A Bloodthirsty Authoritarian

This is the first article in a two part series. The second part is here.

Kamala Harris attacked Joe Biden in a recent debate. She also put a positive spin on her record with bodycams and police misconduct investigations (this happened outside of the debate). What she didn't say is far scarier.

When in power as a prosecutor she has taken hard right stances against drugs, sex workers, and immigrants. She also beat a progressive prosecutor in San Francisco in an election and moved the District Attorney's office to the right. During her prosecutorial races Republicans have run to the left of her on some issues.

Kamala Harris fought to stop a DNA test for a man on death row that could prove whether he was really innocent or guilty. The man is widely believed to have been framed by the police. She refused to crack down on a sex trafficking scandal within the Oakland Police Department. She fought to keep another innocent man locked up in jail because she claimed that he had filed paperwork late. When he was finally freed, she fought to have him rearrested. She also fought in favor of prosecutorial misconduct and to allow for local prosecutors to investigate police shootings.

She also fought to enslave inmates who should have been former inmates for the State of California and use the labor as a form of cheap forest firefighters. She claimed to not know of this until reporters started talking about it and claimed that she didn't know what was going on in her office. However, most important actions were required to go through her or her top deputies.

If anyone else tried to take innocent people and lock them up and force them into dangerous work against their will they'd be arrested for kidnapping and enslavement. She's a scary person who seems to be an opponent of basic constitutional freedoms.

Her donors paid for unlimited freedom from law and order and got it. Click here for Part Two.

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