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Robert Mueller Fears Testifying Because It Would Mean Embarrassment... Or Prison

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Update: Robert Mueller has agreed to testify on July 17 after receiving a subpoena in open sessions. We understand that certain information cannot be publicly revealed in an open session. This should be accompanied by closed sessions that seek answers to the inconsistencies in his report and investigations that are described here. This list of additional questions should be asked and answered. Every member of the Mueller team should be required to provide answers that Congress and the public need.

In news stories Robert Mueller has been said to oppose Congressional testimony because he wants to be seen as apolitical. He later claimed publicly in his press conference that he wished to return to public life and was resigning as special counsel. He stated that he didn't wish to testify before Congress and that he would limit any testimony to what's covered in the report. Then he refused to take questions from the media who were present. Mueller has publicly testified before Congress extensively. So why so shy now?

Robert Mueller, like anyone testifying before Congress, is legally required to appear if subpoenaed and to answer questions. Without immunity, anyone testifying can invoke their Fifth Amendment rights; but they must say so. If they don't, they must give some other answer. Even answers that are highly misleading can be revealing. If he outright lies to Congress, he can potentially face prison time. He knows this, since he just got Michael Cohen on it. The question to ask is what could anyone possibly ask Robert Mueller in a Congressional hearing that could deeply embarrass him or tempt him to lie?

The potential for embarrassment stems from shortcomings in the investigation based on what's in the Mueller Report and underlying evidence and what's not in his report or evidence. We'll start with the investigation itself and the key part that is relevant here. The Report on Page 146 indicates that Russian oligarch Petr Aven told the FBI about private conversations with Vladimir Putin. Putin kills people who he thinks are spies. It is logical to assume that Petr Aven was lying or else spoke on Putin's orders, since he hasn't been killed. Furthermore, this was revealed publicly in the report indicating that no one at the FBI or DOJ believed that Aven was in danger. Why did they feel comfortable enough to release the conversation, and why believe Aven?

Aven's statements don't make logical sense either. According to him, Putin was desperate to get in touch with Trump and was randomly asking prominent Russian businessmen to contact him. This doesn't make much sense because Putin could've easily googled Russian businessmen with ties to Trump and discovered people like Dmitry Rybolovlev and the Agalarov family. Guess who set up the Trump Tower meeting during the campaign? The Agalarov's minion. If Putin truly had issues contacting Trump, then why weren't the Agalarovs used to quickly set up contact? Mueller could be publicly embarrassed if forced to reveal that he and his team either believed the story of a Russian oligarch filled with inconsistencies, or that his team didn't believe the story, but publicly claimed that it was true to the American people anyway.

The issues with things that weren't included in the report are far larger than the small section of the report pertaining to Petr Aven. There are things left out including, but not limited to: possible connections between Trump's campaign and Alfa Bank, Saudi and UAE interference, NRA and National Prayer Breakfast connections to Russia, Trump's financial ties to Russia, if Felix Sater ever informed on Trump throughout their years of business, whether Elaine Chao received her cabinet post due to her husband Mitch McConnell's actions during the election, and things like the report of Jared Kushner attempting to set up a secret back channel to Russia. Mueller nor anyone else has conclusively proved that registration rolls or votes weren't changed through hacking during the election. Furthermore, Mike Pence was head of the transition team and was aware of Obama administration warnings, but still was okay with hiring Michael Flynn. Mike Pence wasn't interviewed.

It appears Mueller also refused to utilize several investigative methods including forcing Donald Trump to testify, which he had the ability to do. Bear in mind, Bill Clinton was forced to testify before a grand jury; and they even got a search warrant to take his blood which they used for DNA testing. It also appears that Mueller didn't investigate Trump's other ties to Russia, which may be important in seeing if his other connections to Russians such as financial ties were avenues for collusion. It's unknown whether the Mueller team even looked at election security.

It's impossible to assign motives to Mueller's actions, since we can't read the minds of Mueller and his team members, but it appears that the Mueller team may be engaged in a cover up. Not to help out Trump, since Mueller implicated him in obstruction. Instead, this cover up is about protecting the system. Looking into the failures of government agencies and officials to prevent this, and how major Republican groups were involved is just the start. This even includes failures by the Democratic Obama Administration. There's a reason why his report didn't contain the more exhaustive counterintelligence file on this issue.

Richard Nixon was impeached for obstruction in the Watergate investigation and for tax evasion. Despite cheating for many years, his returns weren't revealed publicly until the investigations in his second term heated up. Richard Nixon also committed treason during his 1968 election campaign. He was never impeached for it, and it was never revealed to the public until decades after he was out of office. Nixon's opponents were aware of his treason, but they refused to take action. Nixon's tax evasion and treason were covered up by government officials including his political opponents for many years. Potential obstruction, tax evasion, and treason... can't think of anyone else that could apply to.

Robert Mueller and his fellow officials have circled their wagons in the past. Mueller as FBI director on 9/11 never released findings showing the depths of the government's failures in preventing the attack and blaming the officials responsible. Oh, he also lied us into the Iraq War. So basically he has a proven track record of covering up government failures and putting out false narratives.

Robert Mueller is a trust fund baby, a deeply religious man, and a Republican. Mike Pence is also a deeply religious man, a Republican, and supports tax cuts for the rich. They seem awfully similar. Robert Mueller didn't interview Mike Pence. No one is claiming that Mueller wants to sacrifice Trump and cover up for the rest of the system, but it would be interesting to see his response if asked about that in an open Congressional hearing.

Here's how 13 damaging questions could be asked to Mueller by members of Congress:

1. Robert Mueller was tasked with one of the most important investigations of our age: finding out whether collusion happened and you came back with a, "well it could've happened but I couldn't prove it." Why couldn't you figure it out?

2. Why would you take a Russian oligarch's account of private conversations with Putin at face value? Why release that in a public report if his life could be in danger? Why weren't oligarchs close to Trump asked, and why didn't they provide an introduction?

3. Did you investigate any and all financial ties between Trump and his associates to Russian entities? What did you find?

4. What sorts of investigative steps were taken to prove that Russia didn't hack voting machines or registration rolls during the election?

5. What's in the counterintelligence file that is not in the report?

6. What ties between Trump, Saudi, and UAE interests are there?

7. What connections exist between Trump's server, Alfa Bank's server, and Spectrum Health's server?

8. Why wasn't Mike Pence interviewed about what he knew about Michael Flynn and when he knew it along with other topics?

9. Why did you lie to us about Iraq? Why did you refuse to reveal the government's mistakes leading up to 9/11? Why should we trust your Russian investigation findings?

10. What are the NRA's and National Prayer Breakfast's ties to Russia?

11. Why would the Russian ambassador send a message about Kushner wanting a secret communication system with Moscow to the Russian government in Moscow through a system that we could intercept? Kushner admits that he wanted one. Could this not have been a plot to disguise the fact that Kushner and the Russians already had a secret communication system set up by pretending not to currently have one?

12. Did you investigate to see whether Elaine Chao received her cabinet post as a reward for her husband's efforts to stop Russian meddling in the election?

13. Please detail all information that Felix Sater has given about Trump and his associates. Were any money laundering or tax crimes engaged in?

Combine these questions with the Senate's questions.

Answers like "That matter is still under investigation," or "I won't talk about it," or "we just didn't look into it and I don't know if anyone else is," will not look good on camera and will completely embarrass him and the American government. Or he could lie and potentially risk becoming Paul Manafort's cellmate. No wonder he's scared to testify.

Mueller flubbed the investigation and only a new and more thorough investigation can get to the bottom of this and discover what really happened. If not, we will be left with unanswered questions and conspiracy theories. We should question the legitimacy of the American system until we have answers. Robert Mueller owes us that.

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