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The Trumps Should Worry About Extradition

We hear a lot of talk about whether Trump will pardon people close to him and whether investigations and punishment can be stopped for political reasons such as a reluctance to indict a sitting president.

Such discussions of prosecution aren't complete without talk about other countries criminal justice systems. Such countries criminal justice systems can only be held at bay through diplomatic means and by minor checks of our own criminal justice system. Extradition is complex, but here's a simplified explanation. Requests go to the State and Justice Departments who must process those requests and suspects are then arrested and given a hearing. If there is sufficient evidence of an extraditable criminal activity judges should rule to extradite. If not, then they don't.

Trump has tons of potentially nefarious business interests around the world. We're only going to talk about a few here. He has 3 golf courses in Scotland and Ireland. Did he evade taxes or launder money there? They don't like him there so maybe they'd want to pursue him in either the United Kingdom or Ireland. Oh also they may have created fake court proceedings in the UK.

Possible fraud and money laundering in a Toronto Trump building. Check. Are fraud and money laundering crimes in Canada? Check. Oh and in Vancouver the FBI is already investigating a Trump property there. Both Ivanka and Don. Jr. were involved in the project. He's not well liked there either.

Donald Trump claimed that Mexico was filled with criminals when he began his run for president. If he were ever prosecuted for this criminal complaint over a failed project, he could count himself as one of them. Contrary to popular belief Trump actually is somewhat popular in Mexico... nah I'm just fucking with you they don't like him there either. He's disliked by most world leaders and by most countries populations.

Deutsche Bank is a German bank, and Trump has a significant relationship with it. Could a crime have been committed that is punishable under German law?

Here is a summary of other nefarious dealings from Panama to Azerbaijan. How about crimes like fraud and tax evasion and money laundering that could have occurred there?

Oh and, how do you say bribery and money laundering in Indonesian? It seems pretty obvious what happened there.

If these activities led to criminal charges in these countries, the suspects would be extradited, or the State and Justice Departments would have to defend themselves against these legitimate requests prominent American allies. Furthermore, as long as these foreign warrants remain active the suspects can't travel to those countries or to any other country that may extradite them, and a change in administrations and judges in America could see them extradited.

And yes, backroom deals can get investigations and charges dropped. This happened with Manafort in Ukraine. Here the cost was support against Russia, and the investigation would've helped one of the current President's political opponents. He's also in jail in America, so it's easy to see why they let that one slide. Other investigations may not be so easy to obstruct. Also many investigations may be conducted in secrecy or use evidence compiled from US domestic investigations.

We don't know what the future holds the Trump's and their associates may receive little to no punishment for their criminal activities, or they may spend their time in prisons around the world.

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