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Time Wasting Investigators

People need to start asking why investigators waste time when investigating Trump. Here are two sloppy investigations:

First, a whistleblower complaint has been filed about a phone call made by Trump and a foreign leader. The Trump administration won't reveal the complaint, and Democrats want to go to court to get the complaint.

Secondly, the Manhattan District Attorney has subpoenaed Trump's tax returns from his accounting firm. Trump's legal team is suing to block the subpoena.

These are stupid and time wasting steps. This should make people question whether Democrats care about investigating him or whether Democrats think that he is such an unpopular fuck up, that they will keep him in office until election day in 2020 and win then.

How are these investigative steps stupid?

In the first case don't waste time with court. Just put out an open door invitation for the whistleblower to testify at a closed door hearing in order to hear them verbally give their complaint. Congress can then investigate the complaint without going through Trump's people. Sounds easy right? Not to the morons on the Intelligence (Stupidity) Committee.

In the second case, just get the tax returns from the government. The State of New York has them and the IRS has them. The state will give them and if the Federal government doesn't you can arrest the people who refuse to hand them over. Prosecutors have that power.

What a bunch of clowns. Who would've thought these guys would lose to an airhead reality show host.

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