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Use E-Verify For Gun Sales If You're Worried About Illegal Immigrant Crime

If illegal immigrants are such a danger that we need to build a wall to keep them out, then we should probably stop them from buying guns.

If illegal immigrants are such a danger that we need to use E-Verify to keep them from stealing our jobs, then we should probably use E-Verify to stop them from buying guns.

What is E-Verify? It's a government program that detects if you're here legally when it comes to employment opportunities in the United States. Here's the about section on their website.

If Donald Trump and the Republicans who like the border wall want to stop illegal immigrant crimes it would only make sense for them to not have access to guns. The E-Verify program could be part of a universal background check program that about 90% of Americans support. It works better than a border wall and costs little to implement.

Any sensible gun control should focus on the people who are getting guns. This is because it is easy to circumvent most gun restrictions. Universal background checks help a lot since they should include background checks and a mental health screening.

How do you sell this during our impending government shutdown and after it all boils over? Easy, you fearmonger the fuck out of it, and you attack Republicans. This helps you win on the policy and the politics. Democratic politicians should say "Without E-Verify MS-13 is LEGALLY buying guns and cop killer bullets, and so is ISIS!!! They could shoot up a school in your neighborhood tomorrow if we don't give law enforcement the tools to stop them. Protect our cops! We need background checks to know who is buying the guns. We need a total and complete shutdown of gun sales until we can figure out what the hell is going on." If you want to win, this is what you do. Any Republican who stands in your way in the House and Senate and the White House from getting the law signed, you say "they are aiding and abetting MS-13 and providing aid and comfort to ISIS. If we had real law enforcement these Republican politicians wouldn't be on our streets. They are the masterminds of this illegal immigrant crime wave."

If the gun lobby wants something and Democrats are feeling nice, make it easier to own suppressors, since guns using them are usually still pretty loud and it's something that they and their Republican friends want. But remember their leader Donald Trump was endorsed by ISIS (that might explain some of his crazy foreign policy moves lol).

Donald Trump and the Republicans will be squashed between their immigration (racism) and gun rights (NRA) agendas. They can't escape and come January 3rd they don't even hold the House. So after this legislation passes the House it's on them in the Senate and most of them are up for primary and general elections in 2020. They're not going to have fun. But we will!

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